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“I see a harbor filled with masts and sails, wearied by the sea wind that wearies me.”

Archive for August, 2007

I Said HEY!

Tonight I got out of work, took a shower, and went to Kevins house. We went to Walgreens and took passport pictures; they were like 8 bucks. We went to a nearby Starbucks and waited about 45 minutes for a friend to show up. When she did, we forked over 130 bucks each and the passport photos. Within a week, I´ll be 22 and from Georgia. After we gave her everything we traveled about 25 miles into Miami Gardens to score reefer. 20 minutes and 20 bucks later, we were back at Kevins. We got baked, played video games, and watched standup comedy. We then went outside for a cigarette and marveled at how different America is– a country in which young people have time and money to kill. Capitalism is where its at.

Point is, I was lost in a laughing fit watching the standup and I suddenly felt like a stranger in Kevins house, like id never been there before. We went outside for another cigarette and the neighborhood floated before me; not as the familiar sight id seen almost every night, but as an alien place. The houses all alike, I saw the people sleeping and breathing inside. I drove home, and I felt like someone new. I noticed then, one eye on the speedometer and the other on the dark, desolate street, that everything was changing– evolving into something new. It is and always has been a subtle change that ive never been able to notice, but tonight I did and tonight I couldnt be more at peace knowing that something new is coming. Fuck.