Fresh Air From The Age

“I see a harbor filled with masts and sails, wearied by the sea wind that wearies me.”

The Right Sound

I cant say i know where im going,
and it can all be so confusing,
so terribly humbling.
But every now and then a great song comes on.

Its a song youve heard before,
maybe many years ago.
but its like youre hearing it the first time ’round,
and its never sounded so crisp.

Its like cool morning air in your lungs,
or your eyes adapted to the light of the night.
And behind the notes youve heard before,
reverberating along with those ghostly vocals,
there comes a warm, knowing-kinda feeling.

A familiarity,
like riding with an afable taxi driver in a strange city.
The hotels and restaurants are alien,
youd be lost on any street corner.
But this seasoned old man,
an expert with his wheel and his tongue,
might remind you of your grandfather,
or the old men that smell of whiskey,
roaming the streets of key west.

How inspirational the right sound can be,
the right note,
or a haunting echo can be.
What sweet release it can be.


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