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“I see a harbor filled with masts and sails, wearied by the sea wind that wearies me.”

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Then they said watch.

Today I did what I’ll be doing for a while. My job is to watch unedited Associated Press video clips and archive them for Mega TV. It is ridiculously easy and overpaid. The thing that got to me though, (apart from being oh so aware that I couldn’t make my father look bad), was the unedited video part. There is no translation, there is no reporter’s voice in the back round, there is nothing heard but the wind assailing the camera’s mic or the idle, candid roar of traffic and crowds– soldiers curse, someone in a press conference farts, a woman cries when the wind changes direction and brings the tear gas towards her. People scream. If I learned anything today it is that I am incredibly privileged and that people scream more than they talk. That’s what’s in the news today, tonight, and many, many tomorrows to come. Tune in.


Said Amis after scoffing at the question.

‘In adolescence, everybody feels the impulse to write – poems, plays, stories. Writers are simply the people who stick with it. Of course, as you continue you are bolstered by craft and technique – and routine. But what we loosely call “inspiration” remains as mysterious as that first adolescent impulse.’