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“I see a harbor filled with masts and sails, wearied by the sea wind that wearies me.”

Archive for January, 2008

Sleeping in the sunshine.

Because I was falling asleep and the sun was still high and the world was still alive and moving, wallowing in its brisk daytime pace. I knew that when i’d awake, the world wouldnt be, (in the best of cases), sleeping but rather just slowing down, sinking into its amber, faded twillight. Families would be settling into their nighttime routines, tired from their daytime routines, and I had not been awake for the transition. I would find myself disoriented and wondering what millions upon millions of people were doing, what millions and millions of thoughts had passed over the stale air of my room, over my head and my lazy dreams. I would find myself restless in the middle of the night when the world slept. I would feel so completely alone and out of place.